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Sinarmas World Academy (SWA) was recently awarded High-Achieving School in Overall Performance in all Year Levels from the UniSadhuGuna Testing Centre (UTC). Based on the results of the 2016 ICAS assessments, performance is measured by the Educational Assessment Australia, University of New South Wales (UNSW) Global. High Achieving Awards are given to schools with the highest number of medals in that country. Students from SWA achieved outstanding results when they participated in the 2016 ICAS. Those students whose achievement was outstanding were rewarded with Certificates of Distinction, High Distinction and Medals. A Medal recognises the students as being the top performing student for their year group. In 2016, SWA students obtained 5 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze Medals.

We are very proud to announce the ICAS Results:

Mathematics English Science English Writing Digital Technology
High Distinction Award for placing in the top 1%
G3: Winston Choo (Gold) G3: Winston Choo (Silver) G3: Winston Choo (Gold) G4: Ayden Haoken (Gold)
G4: Ayden Haoken G6: Kallistiara Cahyarani (Bronze) G4: Ayden Haoken (Bronze) G12: Natalia Brenn (Gold)
G9: Vijjasena Sugiono
Distinction Award for placing in the next 10%
G9: Vijjasena Sugiono G6: Alisa Haoken G5: Hannah Basuki G6: Kallistiara Cahyarani (Gold) G4: Jayden Lie
G9: Kelly Lie G9: Kelly Lie G6: Alisa Haoken G6: Alisa Haoken G5: Hannah Basuki
G11: Millen Loa G6: Kallistiara Cahyarani G9: Kelly Lie
G7: Kyra Husen
G9: Kelly Lie
G12: Jen Chung Chao
Credit Award for placing in the next 25%
G3: Ghassana Aprilla G4: Ayden Haoken G3: Ghassana Aprilla G4: Jayden Lie G6: Vacya Tipa
G4: Jayden Lie G4: Jayden Lie G4: Yu Ju Chao G6: Selma Basuki G6: Selma Basuki
G4: Yu Ju Chao G5: Hannah Basuki G4: Bianca Yap G6: Vacya Tipa G9: Kelly Lie
G5: Aristotle Franslay G7: Kyra Husen G4: Jayden Lie G7: Fatimah Suptandar
G5: Gabriel Tambis G9: Vijjasena Sugiono G5: Gabriel Tambis
G5: Hannah Basuki G6: Vacya Tipa
G6: Alisa Haoken G6: Selma Basuki
G6: Kallistiara Cahyarani G9: Hyun Seo Park
G7: Kyra Husen G10: Janice Chen
G9: Winona Mikhaela G12: Sherry Tania
G9: Hyun Seo Park G12: Kevin Alexander
G10: Hyun Woong Park
G12: Jen Chung Chao
Merit Award for placing in the next 10%
G4: Warren Xie G4: Yu Ju Chao G7: Yu Tung Lee G5: Hannah Basuki
G7: Yu Tung Lee G7: Fatimah Suptandar G8: Sarah Sinartio
G9: Nathan Legawa G8: Sarah Sinartio
G12: Sherry Tania
G12: Natalia Brenn
G12: Kyeong Rim Baek

Congratulations to all for their hard work and excellent results!

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