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Jenny Chandra
parent of
Kimberlee Lynette Suryadinata (Grade 2)

SWA Elementary school enables every child to overcome the hardships of the learning process as well as improve self-confidence.

Mas Ayu Yenni Florinda
parent of
Kim Ye Eun (Grade 8)

My daughter has been in SWA for about 4 years and I can say that she has made a lot of positive achievements. The school community, especially the teachers, helped our child a lot.

Daniella Tjahjanto
parent of
Victoria Emily Gandakusuma (Grade 10)

I appreciate the caring nature of the teachers, Principal and all of the staff at SWA. It makes me feel great knowing I am dropping my daughter off at a great place that genuinely cares about her learning.

Dwi Haryani
parent of
Jasmine Aisyah Putri Rodden (Grade 4)

...We are very happy to be part of the SWA family.

Ivonne Mesalina Lahagu
parent of
Gabriella (Grade 11) & Daniel Sawai (Grade 8)

The safe and secure environment, kind and friendly classmates, loving and supportive teachers, and genuinely helpful staff all contributed to our smooth transition here in SWA.

Jun Susiwati Budiharto
parent of
Samantha (Grade 11) & Ryan Shaw (Grade 4)

Going to SWA for our children is very enjoyable because the education system is supported by a friendly school environment.