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A colourful parade of countries happened Monday, 24 October 2016 during the EY ES celebration of the 70th year of the United Nations in the Trini Dewi Theatre followed by the Food Festival in Koi Building. The whole department had a learning tour around Asia, North America, and Europe with each country’s greetings, food, culture, dances, and songs. The children learnt the relevance of the organisation through their goals, especially that of promoting peace amongst all nations. Indeed, “We’re All In This Together!” in making this world a better place.

On that day, the MSHS students were also busy preparing a series of infographics based on designated countries to illustrate its geography, demographics, economy, governance, and culture. Grades 6-8 students joined in the Classroom Display Competition, which was supported by the EY ES students during the class visit. On the other hand, Grade 9-11 students participated in the Essay Writing Competition around the theme “Strong UN, Better World”. The winners of the UN Day Competitions in MSHS will be announced next Wednesday during the MSHS Assembly, due to the absence of students who joined the Week Without Walls this week.

A warm Thank You to the SWA community for celebrating the UN Day in SWA last Monday, 24 October 2016.

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