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From 4-11 June, student representatives from Sinarmas World Academy (SWA) and Jakarta World Academy (JWA) went to Kyoto to attend the Ritsumeikan Primary School, which is one of the best private primary schools in Japan.

The SWA and JWA students were warmly welcomed by Ritsumeikan students, teachers, and staff. They were given a tour of the beautiful campus, which was followed by the classes in different subjects. The students enjoyed not only the different activities but also the delicious and healthy school lunch. The afternoon routine was memorable to the SWA and JWA students because cleaning the classroom together with their Japanese friends taught them to be more responsible and independent.

Another highlight of the immersion programme was the field trip to Kyoto Police Station and Disaster Prevention Centre. The students not only learned about the Japanese discipline but also their ingenuity in creating technology and services that make people’s life safe and orderly.

Aside from the Certificates of Completion that were awarded on the last day, the SWA and JWA students brought home wonderful memories and keepsakes from their Japanese friends. The students did not only learn the Japanese culture from visiting the famous sites of the country but more so from being immersed in the Ritsumeikan school life.

We hope that our students will get to pass on their learning from this trip to other SWA and JWA students. We also wish that more students will take part in this exclusive programme with Ritsumeikan Primary School in the future.