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On the 12th and 15th of June representatives of the SWA community — both as individuals and groups representing their houses — participated in the first ever SWA Information Technology Olympiad. The olympiad included individual categories such as Digital Media for grades 6-7 and Web tech for grades 9-11, as well as group events such as the IT quiz for grades 8-11 and the IT Debate for grades 10-11.

The individual categories took place privately on Monday the 15th, while the Quiz and Debate were more public. The quiz pre-round took place on Friday the 12th, eliminating Athena and Poseidon from the final round on Monday the 15th. The final round was watched by grades 6-11 on Monday, with the final winners being Zeus at first place, Hera at second, and Gaia and Hades at third and fourth respectively.


The Debate was also watched by grades 6-11 on Monday the 15th, with each house sending up two representatives. The representatives were put into teams and the houses were judged on their individual skill and knowledge. The order from first to sixth place for the debate was as follows: Hades, Poseidon, Hera, Gaia, Zeus, and Athena.


Awards for the IT Olympiad were given out during the final Awards Ceremony. The awards that were given were as follows:
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