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On Tuesday the 16th of June Grade 11 students — also known as the Diploma Programme 1 class — presented their group 4 Science presentations. The group 4 project is a collaborative presentation between students of all the sciences; Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Environmental Systems and Societies. Through the presentations students develop their understanding of the sciences, as well as their skills in collaboration, public speaking, and analysis.


Achievement awards as well as awards from 5th to 1st place for individual success in the group 4 projects were presented during the final awards ceremony on the last day of school, June 19th. The placings were as follows:

Achievement: Raga, Ho Jun, Chang Min, Jaemin and Arvin

5th: Jing Ting, Di Qi, Euen Jie, Elizabeth, Yun Chia, Yo Han, Dong Kon and Rafi

4th: Natasha, Han Gyue, Min Hao, Yen Wei, Alvina, HaYoung, Jung Hoon and Euen Seok

3rd: Michael, Candice, Ho Jun, Surya, Jason, Dhana, Eun Ah and Adam

2nd: Feng Yu, Winston, Wiliam, Valentinus, Alvin, Rhein, Dendy and Paul

1st: Steven, Lidya, Seung Hwan, Jennifer, Josan, Joshua, Isfan and Ji Ho