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After the much-awaited Holiday Concert of the whole school, the Early Years (EY) and Elementary School (ES) students remained very energetic as they presented to their parents the projects they have prepared in different subjects. The exhibition was a significant event as it highlighted the students’ learning this semester. The parents witnessed their children’s creativity and critical thinking skills through their output.

The Pre-K class had a mini community where the parents went around the Chinese restaurant, fire station and hospital. They even put out the fire! The K1 children talked about the water cycle and learnt big words such as evaporation, condensation and precipitation. Finally, the K2 presented their work about plants, their parts and brought home their very own green creation in a pot!

The ES students turned Koi Piazza into a colourful feast of various projects from English, Mathematics, and Science. Grade 1 taught the guests how to make a sandwich through a video and brochure. The delicious finished products could also be sampled by the parents. Students from Grades 2 – 5 challenged everyone with quizzes and rewarded the guests with treats like candies and a chance to experience their experiment. Achievements in the Bahasa Indonesia and Chinese Languages were also displayed in the Koi Building.

All the hard work had paid off and the teachers are so proud of their achievements this semester! Happy holidays!

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